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About ATO

ATO is a community-based organization that was built on passion, principles, faith, and the calling to serve our communities across the great state of Texas. When developing the organization, we had a plan to inject ourselves into the communities to address and improve the mental health problems that youth and adult individuals in today’s society face.  

As we continue to service all individuals in need, we pride ourselves on being community leaders who are building a legacy and providing an environment that advocates for fair and equity services, avenues and resources for staff, and long-term success.

Take a look at ATO!

Here at ATO, our goal is to be an everlasting organization that will continuously improve the health and welfare of every individual that we encounter to assure that they live and experience a more abundant life.  We consider ourselves to be the light on the hill that gives everyone hope for tomorrow and by doing so, ATO has been and will be persistent with our commitment to promote Healing, Optimism, Purpose, and Empowerment to all.  

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