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Interested in Partnership?

Discover the multitude of opportunities awaiting you below in our array of diverse programs. Whether you're passionate about juvenile justice, mental health advocacy, or community outreach, there's a partnership avenue perfectly suited for you.


Join us in building bridges with schools, apartments, churches, and other community entities to amplify the impact of our initiatives. Together, we can create lasting change, foster resilience, and cultivate thriving communities. Explore our programs and embark on a collaborative journey towards a brighter, healthier future.

Female Developers


Embark on a transformative journey with us through our internship program, tailored for aspiring LPCs and LCSWs. As a cornerstone of our commitment to mental health advocacy, this immersive experience offers a comprehensive blend of hands-on training and mentorship. Dive into diverse clinical settings, honing therapeutic skills under expert guidance. 


Juvenile Justice Program

Welcome to our juvenile justice program, where support meets opportunity. Through tailored interventions and holistic approaches, we provide a path towards rehabilitation and empowerment. Our dedicated team offers guidance, resources, and advocacy to help navigate challenges and foster positive growth. Together, we're building brighter futures.

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ATO aims to create impactful partnerships with schools, apartments, churches, and diverse communities to champion mental health services. Collaboratively, we break down barriers, raise awareness, and provide accessible support. Through education, outreach, and tailored interventions, we empower individuals to prioritize mental wellness, fostering resilient and thriving communities.

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